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These are plans for electric powered R/C model planes that Ivan Pettigrew has designed and built.  In recent years, Chilliwack B.C. near the West Coast of Canada has become a "Mecca" in the Pacific North West for electric powered model planes.  Ivan was one of the prime movers in this trend when he designed his first electric powered model in the early nineties.  Most of these models use racing car motor of the "05" class (equivalent to Speed 600 size.)  These models  are larger than most other model aircraft that use the same power packages, but because of the light construction and low wing loading, they fly very well on low power, and come close to scale like flight appearance.   Flight times vary from seven to fifteen minutes using Sanyo 1900 mAH  nicads. The plans are hand drawn with adequate details for scratch builders, and come with written construction notes.  The models are built mostly of balsa, using traditional construction methods.

Update 2008.  The descriptions and specs for most of the models were written before Li-Poly batteries came in to use.  With Li-Po batteries, the weight and wing loading of the models will be lighter than the figures shown, and performance will be enhanced.  Where a nine cell pack was originally used, a 3S Li-Po battery should be used, preferably of larger capacity.  Flight time will be considerably longer, not only because of extra battery capacity, but because of the weight saving.                                  


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Multi Engine Electric models    Electrics lend themselves to great multis.

Model specs     Detailed specs on the models listed.  Gear ratios, props, batteries used, and more.  Read an update on the use of Speed 480 motors in the Multi Motor models such as the Albatross.  Flight time has increased considerably.  Also notes on the use of Li-Poly batteries and brushless motors.

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D.H. 89  RAPIDE  Span 76 inches.  Length 56 inches.  Wing area 1,100 sq. ins.  Weight with nine N-1900 SCR cells is 97 ozs.  Wing loading 12.8 oz/sq.ft.  Built 1994
D.H. 88 COMET  Span 80 ins.  Length 54 ins.  Wing area 750 sq. ins.  Weight with eighteen N-1900 SCR nicads is 108 oz giving a wing loading of 20.7 oz/sq.ft.  Has retracts.  Two models built, 1995 and 2000.
SEAGULL.  Non scale flying boat.  Span 60 in. Wing area 550 sq. in.  Length 48 in.  Weight with nine N-1900 SCR nicads is 55oz.  Wing ldg 14.5 oz/sq. ft.  Capable of 30 splash and go landings per flight.  Built in 1994 and still flying over twenty years later, it has an estimated number of water landings in excess of 13,000.
SHORT SEALAND 600   1/9.5 Scale.  Span 75 ins.  Length 58 ins. Wing area 830 sq.ins.  Weight with nine N-1900 SCR  nicads is 90 ounces giving wing loading of 15.6 oz/sq.ft.  Has removable wheels for land operation.  Built 2002. .
BRISTOL FREIGHTER   1/12 scale.  Span 108ins.  Length 71 ins.  Wing area 1,480 sq.ins.   Weight with sixteen N-1900 SCR nicads is 157 ozs giving wing loading of 15.2 oz/sq.ft.   Flaps.   Built 2000.  


MARTIN MARS.  Scale 1/20.  Span 120 ins.  Length 72ins.  Wing area 1,515 sq.ins.  Four Speed 600 motors.  Weight with eighteen N-1900 SCR nicads is 165 ozs giving wing loading of 15.7 oz/sq.ft.  Built 2001

Update:  June 2006.  The motors have been changed for Jamara 480 HS BB with 4.1:1 MP Jet gearboxes.  Performance is adequate.  Landing speed is slower because of weight saving, and flight time is longer. 


PBY-5A CATALINA 600  Scale 1/12.5.  Span 100 ins, Length 63ins.  Wing area 1,350 sq.ins.  Weight with sixteen  N-1900 SCR  nicads is 147 ounces giving wing loading of 15.7 oz/sq.ft.  Has retracts for both undercarriage and wing tip floats.  Built 1999.  A slightly larger version of an earlier model built in 1993.
AVRO LANCASTER  1/12 scale.  Span 103 ins.  Length 70 in.  Wing area 1,300 sq.in.  Weight with eighteen N-1900 SCR nicads is 203 ounces giving wing loading of 22.4 oz/sq.ft.  Retracts and flaps.  Built 1996.
D.H. MOSQUITO  600  Scale 1/9  Span 74".  Length 55".  Wing area 825 sq.ins.  Weight with eighteen N-1900 SCR nicads is 113 ounces giving wing loading of 19.7 oz/sq.ft.   Retracts.  Very good aerobatics.  For good visibility it is done in the colours of the T-III trainer version.  Built 2000. 
DHC-1 CHIPMUNK  Scale 1/5.6  Span 75 ins.  Length 55 ins.  Wing area 820 sq. ins.  Weight with nine N-1900 SCR  nicads is 83 ozs  giving wing loading of 14.6 oz/sq.ft.  Built 1998.  
SHORT SOLENT 400  Span 82ins.  Wing area 905 sq. ins.  Length 65 ins.  Uses four GWS Speed 400 geared motors.  Weight 83 ozs with eight N-1900 SCR nicads, giving wing loading of 13.2 oz/sq ft.  Flies over 15 minutes on 3,000 NiMH cells.  Built 2004.     
AUSTER AIGLET J5F.  Scale 1/5  Span 75 ins.  Length 52 ins. Wing area 850 sq.ins.  Weight with nine N-1900 SCR nicads is 72 ozs giving wing loading of 12.2 oz/sq.ft.  Fully aerobatic.  Flies on wheels, floats and skis.  Plan shows wheels only.  Built 1997.  
RICHARD PEARSE MONOPLANE 600.  Scale 1/4  Span 60 in.  Wing area 1,200 sq, in.  Length 35 in.  Weight with nine CP-1700 SCR  nicads is 60 ozs giving wing loading of 7.2 oz/sq.ft.  Model of a historic plane that is claimed to have flown briefly in New Zealand on March 31, 1903.  This model is a reliable flyer, and very aerobatic.  Built 2003. A smaller model is also available for a Speed 370 motor.
PARTENAVIA.  Scale 1/6.6  Span 70 in.  Wing area 730 sq in.  Length 56 1/2 in.  Weight with nine N-1900 SCR nicads is 77 ozs giving a wing loading of 15.2 oz/sq.ft.  Designed to be an entry level multi.  Very easy to build with rectangular wing and box type fuselage construction.  Very aerobatic and safe to fly.   Built 2004.
SHOESTRING.  Scale 1/4.8  Span 58 in.  Wing area 500 sq. in.  Length 46 in.  Weight with nine N-1900 SCR nicads is 56 oz giving wing loading of 16.1 oz/sq.ft.  A smooth flyer.  Good on floats.  Also available at 62 in span.  Lighter wing loading and slightly slower.  Great aileron trainer.  1997  & 2001
BEAUFIGHTER.  Scale 1/10  Span 73in.  Wing area 765 sq.in.  Length 51 in.  Weight with eighteen N-1900 SCR nicads is 124 oz giving wing loading of 23.4 oz/sq.ft.  Retracts and optional flaps.  Does impressive aerobatics. Built 1999, based on smaller version built 1993  
MINICAT.  A smaller 82% version of the PBY-5 listed above.  Scale 1/15  Span 83in.  Wing area 835 sq.in.  Length 52in.  Uses two GWS Speed 400 geared motors running parallel from and eight cell battery.  Weight with eight CP-1900 SCR nicads is 64 oz. for wing loading of 11 oz/sq.ft.  Flies 27 min on eight cell 3,000 NiMH.  Built 2004
GRUMMAN ALBATROSS.  Scale 1/12  Span 84 in.  Wing area 945 sq. in.  Length 62 in.  Weight with nine N-1900 SCR  nicads is 93 ounces giving wing loading of 14.2 oz/sq.ft.  Maiden flight Dec 28, 2004.  In Sept 2005 the motors were changed from ".05" racing car motors to Speed 480.  Flight time increased considerably.  Twenty eight  minutes on an eight cell 3,000 NiMH battery.
DHC-6  TWIN OTTER 600.  Scale 1/9  Span 84in.  Wing area 956 sq.in.  Length 65 in.  Weight with nine N-1900 SCR nicads is 100 ounces giving a wing loading of 15.0 oz/sq.ft.    Optional flaps.  A very safe flyer.  Maiden flight May 2005.  The prototype uses ".05" racing car motors. 

TWIN OTTER 480  A smaller plan is also available for use with Speed 480 motors.  Scale 1/12. Span is 67 in, Wing area 612 sq in, Length 52 in.   Wing loading under 14 oz/sq ft depending on motors and batteries. 

NOTE: Thanks to some modelers on RCGroups, there are laser "cut files" available for both these planes:
- 480 Laser Cut Files
- 600 Laser Cut Files
Presently Manzano Laser Works has these files on hand and has offered to make them available for purchase. Please click here for their pricing.

SEALAND 480 A scaled down version of the Sealand 600 (2002).  Uses Speed 480 or Long Can Speed 400 motors.  Span 74 1/2 in.  Wing area 695 sq. in.  Length 53in.  Weight with eight CP-1700 SCR nicads is 60 ounces for wing loading of 12.6 oz/sq.ft. Flight time with eight 3,000 NiMH cells is 32 minutes. A hot performer. Built 2005

KZ-IV    March 2006.   Scale 1/7.8   Span 80 inches.  Wing area 765 sq. in.  Length 48 in.  Airfoil:  Selig 7055 with NACA leading edge cuff on outboard section.  Flies on eight or nine cells.  Weight with nine CP-1700 SCR nicads is 68 ounces for wing loading of 12.8 oz/sq.ft.   Two Jamara Pro 480 HS BB motors wired parallel.  MP-Jet Speed 400 gear boxes, 4.1:1 ratio drive 10 x 7 APC electric props.  Static current draw with nine cells is 26 amps (13A each motor) giving 38 ounces thrust at 6,200 RPM.  The KZ-4 is a lively performer and is quite aerobatic.  A very safe flyer; spinproof.     

SOLENT 480. August 2006.  A larger version of Short Solent 400 above.  Scale 1/14.5  Span 99 inches.  Wing area 1,200 sq. ins.  Length 73.5 inches.  Airfoil Selig 7055 with NACA leading edge cuff on outboard sections.  Flies on 10 to12 nicads, (3S or 4S Li-Poly cells).  Weight with ten 2,600 NiMH cells is 124 ounces giving a wing loading of 14.9 oz/sq.ft.  Four Permax 480 motors wired parallel.  MP-Jet Speed 400 gearboxes with 4.1:1 reduction drive 10 x 7 four blade props.  Static current is 38 amps giving thrust of 60 ounces at 4,600 RPM.  Ivan's all time favourite flying boat.
BLACKBURN BEVERLEY 600.  August 2007.  Scale 1/15.5  Span 125 inches.  Wing Area 1,700 sq.in.  Length 77 inches. Airfoil Selig 7055 with NACA leading edge cuff on outboard sections.  Slotted flaps.  Wing built in three sections.  The nose section of the fuselage is removable to give access to the battery and make adjustments to the nose wheel mounting, as well as reducing the size of the fuselage for transportation.  The tail plane and main landing gear are all removable for transportation.  Weight with a 6S Li-Po 2800 mAH battery is 164 ounces giving wing loading of 13.9 oz/sq.ft.  Four “Speed 600” (Mabuchi 550) can motors wired series-parallel, with 3.5:1 Master Airscrew reduction gearboxes, turn 10x6 four blade props at 6,500 RPM.  Static thrust is 110 ounces at 32 amps (16 amps to each motor). 
DH 86 EXPRESS.  August 2008  Scale 1/7.9   Span, 98 inches.  Wing area 1,507 square inches.  Airfoil Selig 3021 modified towards the tips.  Length 71 inches,  Weight with 6S 2800 Li-Poly battery, 114 ounces.  Wing loading is 13.5 ounces / square foot (allowing for 80% efficiency of biplane wings.)  Four Jamara 480 HS BB motors are used, wired series-parallel, driving 10 x 7 APC-E props through 4.1:1 ratio gearboxes.  Static Thrust is 76 ounces at 6,200 RPM drawing 26 amps from the battery.  (13 amps each motor.)  The wings have a very high aspect ratio.  Efficiency comes from using the thin Selig 3021 airfoil, but as in sailplanes, it makes for a challenge in accurate construction.  Removable outer wing panels are optional, but demand good workmanship because of the thin airfoil used.  Likewise, the undercarriage is a tight fit in the fairings, but they add to the streamlining of the model. The torsion bar suspension used on the main gear gives very good operation on rough fields  Flight characteristics are excellent.  A safe, easy to fly model.
Mosquito 480. (2011) 1/11.2 scale. Span 58 inches. Wing area 501 sq inches. Length 43¼ inches. Airfoil, Eppler 374 with NACA leading edge cuff outboard. Weight with 4S 2,200 mAH Li-Po is 55 ounces for a wing loading of 15.8 ounces/square foot. Prototype uses Ram Tech 28/30/16 motors, 700 KV turning 10 x 7 APC electric props turn at 7,200 RPM. Total static current draw for two motors is 22 amps giving 52 ounces thrust. Servoless electric retracts are Hobby King HKD-312.
DH 90 Dragonfly. August 2012. Scale 1/7. Span, upper wing, 74 inches. Lower wing, 66 inches. Wing area 1,026 square inches. (80% biplane equivalent is 820 sq.ins.) Primary airfoil; Selig 3010 modified towards the tips. Length 54 inches, Flying weight 78 ounces. Wing loading is 13.7 ounces / square foot (allowing for 80% efficiency of biplane wings.) Motors, brushless 450 or 480. Battery, one 3S 3.6 AH li-po. (Or one 4S 3.0 AH li-po, depending on motor choice.)
LakeMaster. August 2015. Span with optional tips, 53 inches; wing area 410 sq. ins; Length 39 ins; Motor, Park 300 or equivalent. Prop 8x4 or 8x6. Battery 3S Li-Po 1300 mAH. Weight 25 ounces, Wing loading 9.5 os/sq.ft.
Druine Turbulent. August 2016. Scale 1/5. Span 50.3 inches; wing area 406 sq. ins. Length 40 ins. Motor, Park 450- 890 KV. Prop 10 x 7. Battery 3S Li-Po 1600 mAH. Flying weight 28.2 ounces, Wing loading 10 oz/sq.ft.

The wings for the Lancaster, Catalina PBY-5A, Freighter, Mars, Solent 480, Beverley, and Express are built in three sections for ease of transportation. 



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DH Express and Blackburn Beverley - May 2012

Mosquito 480 - August 2011

Beverley Tests, filmed and edited by Hal Norrish: Sept 2007

Solent 480 Tests, filmed, and edited with music by Hal Norrish: June 2007

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Thank you for visiting "Ivan's Plans."  This picture was taken at the May 2004 fly in at Chilliwack.